• Proper care of your carpet is very important.
  • Vacuum correctly once a week to minimize dirt and build-up that can shorten the life of your carpet.
  • Use the right quality of padding to prevent damage to carpet.
  • There are different cleaning materials for different types of stains.  Use the right cleaning material and clean the high traffic area of carpet every one or two years.
  • When you buy new carpet, it is highly recommended to order a few extra yards for the future in order to replace a damaged area or fixing a repair without having to change/replace the entire area.


Using experienced installers is the most important part of the floor-covering job. Experienced installers know how to prepare the floor properly, especially when they do wood, laminate, tile or linoleum. The floor must be level. Using the right kind of glue, nail, and other underlayment material is very important.

Summit Carpets offers free estimate to customers. Regardless of the size of the job, we can offer customers great design or pattern ideas for quality, color, and various selections.  The right combination of color, design, and quality make a big difference on the outcome of the job.

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